Family stories and tales are part of any family's history as so they are in ours.

        Sharing those tales and stories are what helps carry on our history.

       Please send any thing that is funny, cute , not so cute, intresting that happen to 
                      some one in our family to share with all of us.

  HOLLAND Family History, Stories and tales being passed
             down from one Generation to the Next
    My dad was Arthur Holland and one of the
  stories I remember most was the one when
  him and my mom went to get married.  They
  had the wedding planned and just before the
  wedding he made a trip home, my mother
  assumed it was to tell his mother and family
  of the wedding.  He was in the service and
  my mom thought that he was the same age
  as her, until the day of the wedding. When
  the Justice of the Peace ask their age my mom
  said 23 and then turned to my dad, who pulled
  a permission form from his mom and said 20.
  He had made the trip home to get his mothers
  permission to get married since he was under 21. 
             Email me your stories
   Email me your stories
I am "Esther Holland Horton", I am number 11, in the line up
of 16. I have many stories of my dad and mom. The one
that sticks to my mind is when was about 5 or 6 years old.
Every morning in the dead of winter, Boy cold days they
where, mom would yell up stairs get up, your dad needs
a push,. We reluctantly got up put on our coats and out
the door we went to push daddy’s old model car till it
would start. Then daddy would yell back I’ll save you
something from my lunch pail. Something he did anyway,
The secret was to be the first one to greet him to get the
treat he had for one of us. With a chuckle he would hand
over his lunch pail and guide me to the house to eat my
treat. Boy was it good. OH how those memories do feel
like yesterday for me.

Grandma Violet Holland's 8 pt Buck
As the story was told to me and correct me if I mess any
part of it up. Howard Johnson and some of the older boys
were going hunting and Grandma Violet told them they didn't
need to go in to the woods that she knew where the deer
were. They went anyway. She was sitting on the porch on
old metal high chair, pealing potatoes with her trusty 12 gage
beside her. Some of the younger kids were waiting for the
bus when they heard a Boom Boom. They ran back to the
house to see what had happened and Grandma told them that
the could go to school they had clean deer. Nice 8 pt in the
field across from the porch. Howard and the guys came empty
handed and she showed them the trophy that she had bagged
and from then on they just hunted where she told them on
the property, where the deer crossed the road.

    Violet Hogan Holland, Believed that her kids go to
  school and get an education and she also believe that
  they should be kids  and have fun.  However I am sure
   that some of the kinds of thing that the kids did for fun
   would not meet with her approval if she knew what
they had done.  I have heard a few stories how and
would love to hear more about sending me more so I
can share them with the rest of the family.
  Does any one remeber the time Chuck Holland
  and Howie Holland had to go chop wood and
  some how Howie lost a finger???
  While living in Little Valley, NY, not far from the prison, one of
   the older sisters was keeping an eye on the younger ones while
   their mom and Howard were out.   As it was the news announced
   that a prisoner had escaped.  She heard a noise out side ran and
   got the gun,  then a noise outside the kitchen window.  She know
   she had to defend the little ones and so took aim and fired right
   through the window when she say something move.  Well she didn't
  get a prisoner and the blow to the cows head was not fatal.
  I bet he never tried to stick his head in the kitchen window again.
  Any Idea which Holland girls this was? Let me know.
How many of the Holland Kids remember when
their mother (Violet) took her one and only
one driving lesson.  It was in a big  Ford and she
could hardly reach the peddles.  She was getting
ready to turn into the driveway and instead of the
brake hit the gas, missed the drive way over a
ditch through the yard and right smack into the
side of the house next to the porch were the kids
were standing watching her learn to drive.  Thank
heavens no one was hurt and the car survived also.
  The only real advantage to living on
  a hill was being able to pour buckets
of water from the well down it in the
winter time so that it would ice up
and the bus couldn't get up it to take
you to school.  Even if dad told us
not to -- to late we already did.

I guess the only other advantage
would be the fun we have sliding
down it in the winter time.
To bad Ella couldn't ride her new
sled, gee Jack what happen to it.
Probably the same thing that
happened to her bike a few yeqr
before you broke it.  Way to go Jack!!